Look no further than mud for affordable construction materials

Mud has always been the go to construction material especially when  cost was a factor. But with newer technologies getting into the market, mud can now be incorporated into other products to give you amazing results at a very low cost.

While designing a building, there are primarily two factors that Engineers and Architects look at, Structure and Comfort. Everything else is built around these two factors. Is the structure safe? Can it stand the wind loads in that location? Can it stand the heavy rains?

Other factors which now fit in with comfort are say the choice of your walling in relation to thermal activity. The roof, how noisy it can be while it rains. The flooring finish and how comfortable it will be.

So whichever design your architect or Engineer finally goes for, it is built around those parameters.

As such, mud wall still stands as a perfect choice for your construction.

Whether you are doing an on budget Bungalow or you wish to do a high end one, there is no reason to dismiss mud from your choice of materials.

First of all, it comes at near zero cost. Just dig up your site and mix with water. If you wish to spend more, you could actually choose which kind of mud to use and probably buy soil from a different site.

Confine mud as your infill. Mud walls have proven properties that make them far better than other types of prefabs.

Getting the best out of mud walls

Start with deciding on the right structure. Mud unlike cement will not bond well with steel, as such, timber posts are preferred for your main studs (vertical members) and noggins (horizontal members).

Look no further than mud for affordable construction materials | close up of walls of a traditional house | Pinned Directory KenyaFor your structural members, consult an engineer on size. You might actually optimize a lot and save by working with an engineer on the right sizes of timber to use.

You can also take it a notch high and incorporate other ideas within your wall structure for really amazing results.

Look no further than mud for affordable construction materials | 9dfecdc08e9e1d6a2d74b8933a307183 | Pinned Directory Kenya

The mud and timber combination basically forms your structure. Now for comfort, you can only be limited by your imagination. You can always plaster the walls with cement/sand and use whichever finish you want.

Consider this, using mud and timber is less than half the cost of using bricks or blocks and it happens twice as fast. You will have enough balance on your walling works and enough time to spice up your walls to whatever interiors you’d want.

In the bathrooms for example, after your cement plaster, you can tile the walls.

Look no further than mud for affordable construction materials | mold1 | Pinned Directory KenyaHow cheap is this? Well, to put it plainly, the only thing you will buy is the timber which will actually be less than half the cost of what you will spend on your cement and stones for masonry. You cost of labor will be less than half since this building will be put up much faster than masonry. So in essence, it is all a win-win for you.


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