The Predicament of The Ready ISSB Block

The most common and frequently asked question in interlocking blocks is how much a “ready” block should be sold. Most clients not familiar with the interlocking blocks industry want ready made blocks delivered to their sites so that they can immediately commence on their superstructure construction.

As practitioners in this industry we have never authoritatively and convincingly answered these queries. The main reason this question has never been answered is that most block producers still use manual presses and don’t own their own sites.

Those who own sites near major towns are limited to 40by80ft and 50by100ft plots.

The larger percentage produce blocks from home because leasing open lots in major towns is so prohibitive during business start up. That is why you find most block producers operating from their local villages. this is not a challenge because all block producing machines are mobile and can be moved to any corner in Kenya.

However block production is about visibility and your ability to display more than 5000 blocks at a time. The reason why the figure of 5000 is mentioned is because clients aiming to buy blocks know that most 3 bedroom houses will require a minimum of 5000 blocks to complete.

Clients want to know if it possible to come to your site and buy ready blocks. As block producers we always try to convince clients that the best way is for us to go to their sites and produce the blocks on site so that we can reduce transportation costs and also ensure quality standards are maintained.

The fact on ground is that there are clients who do not want to know about the block production process. They just want ready blocks. Their desire is to transact and carry away the blocks they need from your site.

We should be willing to engage our clients in these debates so that they can learn about the challenges block producers face.

The kawaida block producer knows that to have 5000 interlocking blocks ready on site means they have to make an investment of 85k. 85k is not small and machine owners know that at start up the business is challenging and after buying the machines it is next to impossible to invest a further 85k just to display blocks.

That’s why it is prudent to appreciate that we will always have clients willing to buy ready blocks but the sustainability of the industry is driven by the small block producers willing to travel and cover the kilometers in Kenya so that they can produce blocks at their clients sites.

Interlocking blocks is about affordable construction and they is no affordable method than production of blocks on site.

This is a fact that your clients deserve to know.


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