Nairobi-Naivasha SGR To Feature A 41m High 6km Long Bridge Across The Park

Kenya Railways has released a presentation on the Standard Gauge Railway master plan and the progress Kenya has made in construction.

The plan was summarised in a map that shows the paths the railway will take and its alignment through Nairobi National Park.

Managing director Atanas Maina also outlined measures taken to mitigate impact on animals and the environment.

These include bridge pillar foundations, abutments, noise deflectors and a fence enclosing the construction area.

Regarding human-wildlife conflict, Maina said the movement of construction equipment and road vehicles will be restricted within the fenced-out working areas.

A section of conservationists said the construction of the Nairobi-Naivasha railway through the parks would drive away animals. A Tribunal has temporarily stopped progress of the project.

Concern also arose from several incidents of animals straying out of the park into residential areas.

Bridge Across The park


The design proposes a single line bridge spanning the total 6 Kilometres width of the park. The average height of the bridge is set at 18 metres, starting at 8 metres at the entrance of the park into the Northern side of the Park and 41 metres at the exit Southern side of the Park.

This design feature, according to the designers, allows for the park to remain undivided. Also, the clearance under the bridge is considered adequate for smooth flow of wildlife and tourists across it.

Bridge Abutment along Mombasa Line. The same will be done for both ends of the Park Bridge Crossing
Bridge Abutment along Mombasa Line. The same will be done for both ends of the Park Bridge Crossing

Specifications of The Bridge:

  • Deep Pillar Foundations to reduce ground vibrations during operations
  • Noise deflectors on the bridge to noise pollution from trains
  • Bridge Abutments to be outside the park to prevent human trespass and/or wildlife escape
  • Bridge color to be blend with the environment
  • Bridge pillars to be at least 32 metres apart for unrestricted movement of wildlife

The bridge will be constructed in two stages with the first stage covering 2.2Km near the Northern Boundary of the park. Wire mesh fencing will be erected only around this construction site allowing free wildlife movement.

The second will cover 2.2km and will be done within the park. Similarly, a perimeter will be done around this construction site. The perimeter fencing on the first phase will be removed when this stage commences.

The final stretch will measure 1.7km and again, the fencing on stage two will be removed as this construction commences. This way, according to the designers, wildlife has unhindered access to at least two thirds of the construction corridor during the project execution period.

Mitigation Measures

kenya-railways-sgr-presentation-19-638According to the report, the fencing around the construction site will be done to designs and specifications as provided by the KWS. Movement of construction equipment and vehicles will be restricted to the fenced out areas.

There will be armed Police and Security guards at the entrance and exit points of the construction site with regular patrols along the fenced out construction site.

All construction works wills top at 1800hrs and all staff transported outside the park at that time. No staff or construction crew shall remain within the site after 1800hrs.

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