Light Gauge Steel Trusses For Your Roofing Project

Roofing is an integral part of the complete construction project that needs to be given a high priority. Many a great designs that have come to futility simply because the roof was not done properly.

The problem with roofing unfortunately is not localized to the contractor being used. It revolves around many factors in consideration including the roof materials being used and the site location. The cost also does become a prime factor when choosing your roofing solution.

The roof being the most visible part of the whole construction unfortunately is at a disadvantage compared to say the walling. Unlike walls that can receive finishes and timely paint touch-ups to look new at a low cost, the cost of roof maintenance can be too high.

It therefore is very important to get the roofing done right from the word go. In Kenya, as far as roofing is concerned we have two options to choose from, timber or steel.

With mother nature taunting us to cut one more tree, timber is becoming less of an option by the day. With that, it also becomes more expensive and less reliable. Unless the roofing explicitly demands timber i.e. camp houses, traditional concept houses in which the cost of the roofing will take into account the high cost of acquiring the right kind of timber, then it does not become economical to have timber trusses in mind.

Skeptics will say that steel seems to be the better choice save for cost. My question to them will be which steel? True, ideally the cost of steel is expected to beat that  of timber but depends with what you are working on. For a warehouse for instance, it would be simply stupid to even consider timber in the first place.

There are different types of steel, Hot rod sections and Light gauge steel or cold formed steel. Hot rod sections have been quite popular in Kenya especially in roofs with very large spans. Again for homes, schools, hospitals and complex layout roofs, we may have a solution that is easier, better, faster and fits perfectly in the construction budget. Techno-Trusses™.

Made of 89mmCprofile Light Gauge steel of G550 yield strength and Z275coating with a BMT of 0.75mm, this is the best form of steel trusses available in Kenya.

Each of the Techno-Trusses™ are structurally designed with the best CAD structural design software incorporating the appropriate design codes, wind loads, live and dead loads and optimizes each truss for it to best take the load applied on the roof to the walls using minimum overall weight of steel-thus a saving to the client.

With Techno-Trusses™, you can incorporate any roof layouts done by your Architect into the structural software accurately. The designs are then in soft copy transferred to the TechnoCNC machines for production. They are produced well labelled with assembly dimples and thus the assembly time is hastened and reduces human error by a very big factor. The trusses delivered to site within days are 100% accurate to the layouts provided unlike timber which are manually cut and fit on site.

Techno-Trusses™ are fully protected from white ant infestation, fire and many of the inherent problems that come with timber roofing. With the Z275 coating, the trusses perform much better even in highly corrosive environments thus giving you piece of mind on your construction project.

The biggest advantage with Techno-Trusses™ is their versatility and compatibility with traditional construction systems and materials. Be it a brick house or a flat roof, Techno-Trusses™ is the solution for you. Whether the roofing is in tiles, shingles or galvanized roofing sheets, the overall quality of the roof construction is never compromised at any stage. This too goes to the ceiling works. Be it suspended ceiling, an acoustic one or a normal ceiling, the final results will be awesome.

But the more than perfect thing about Techno-Trusses™ is the fact that you partner with the best construction company, TechnoConstruct. With proven track record across Africa, TechnoConstruct not only offers you the perfect trusses in Techno-Trusses™ but also the perfect roofing solutions under one roof.

One no longer needs to sign multiple contracts with different contractors thus compromising on speed and quality, with TechnoConstruct, all your roofing is done from trussing, covering, ceiling, rain water harvesting with the same precision, quality and professionalism you would expect.

Think roofing? Think Techno-Trusses™

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