Kenyatta linked Company Koto Housing Biggest Winner From Government’s Housing Project

On Monday the president signed the Supplementary Appropriation Bill no. 2 of 2018. The allocations were as follows:


The beneficiary according to multiple sources is KOTO HOUSING.

Koto Housing Ltd’s Executive Chair is Uhuru’s sister – Anne Nyokabi Kenyatta, she of the Ministry of Health’s Sh5 billion scandal. Koto Housing is partnering with Commercial Bank of Africa (owned by the Kenyatta Family) to build ‘affordable housing’.

Koto Housing specializes in expanded polystyrene (EPS) modular construction technology was previously given a contract to build police housing controversially considering the government’s National Housing Corporation has the very same technology and factory.

Since then, the family has established an even bigger EPS building company C-MAX, which also showcases police housing on its website. Instructively, the website also markets “affordable housing” as one of the product lines. Affordable housing is one of Kenyatta’s “big four” agenda.

According to plans, Kenyans will fork out 1.5% of their gross pay and the employer would contribute a similar amount monthly towards the housing fund.

The plan is to build more than 200,000 housing units across the country and eligible Kenyans will apply and ‘purchase’ the units.

Interestingly, those who earn 100,000KES and above are not eligible for the houses as the assumption is they can ‘afford’ to purchase. The government will ‘refund’ their contribution after 15years.