2 bedroom house in 45days? Yes it is possible

One of the best advantages of our Light Gauge Steel framing technology is speed. Without compromising on the quality of the project, we are able to complete our projects in half the time it would have taken traditional construction methods.

For example, let us assume a 2 bedroom house of average area 90sqm.

Mobilization (7 days)

Once we have signed a contract with you, we will within a week (depending on the size of the project) mobilize our team. This week is excluded from the project execution time frame.
We shall, during this period, finalize all our structural designs and have you or your Engineer approve them for production.

We shall assign an Engineer and his team who will be dedicated to your project 100%. Depending on your site location, they will move to site. If the site requires on site accommodation, this is the period they will make all necessary arrangements for their accommodation.

First 7 days

The foundation works will commence. This will run concurrently with our in house production of the Structural Steel Framework for your house. This production will run for utmost 2 days.

By the end of the 7 days, we shall deliver the first materials on site. During this period, we expect the foundation slab to have been cast on site. Whilst it is curing, our team shall begin -assembling all frames and roof trusses on site.

8-21 days

We shall begin erecting the steel panels on the slab and fixing the walls one to another. Our Techno-Trusses™ will also be erected on the walls. All these are set to their correct and final positions and affixed on the walls. Techno roof battens are fixed during the same period. Based on your choice of the roofing tiles, the Techno-battens are fixed accordingly and the roof covering installed. Depending on the weather conditions, external cladding and roofing can be staggered slightly to allow for the roofing completion first.External wall cladding will commence. This will happen with electrical and plumbing conduits being laid within the walls. Sound and thermal insulation such as rockwool insulation and sisalation foil will also be placed with the external cladding.

Internal cladding and external finishes will commence.

22-28 days

Your Techno-roof is complete. Part of our team will then finalize installation of fascia and water gutters (as per the scope of works).

Internal wall cladding and installation of doors and windows will also be completed.

29-40 days

All finishes and fittings shall be completed during this period. This includes floor finishes, wall finishes, ceiling works and finishes, electrical fittings and plumbing fittings.

At the end, in 45 days, we are able to provide you with a complete home, from foundation to finishes, each item being given enough time to be done right. It is our dedication to serving all our clients with a first rate project such that TechnoConstruct becomes The Perfect Partner for all your construction and development needs.

Feel free to contact us today and speak to one of our qualified technical representatives about your project.


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