How to list your Business on ClickJenga is a comprehensive construction directory that is connecting suppliers, firms, contractors and individuals in the construction industry to their potential clients.

On Clickjenga, you can list your construction business with as much detailed information as you need and use our great platform and search engine optimization tools to ensure your business rakes high in search engine queries.

Listing your business on Clickjenga is a very simple process.

First of all head over to this link for adding a new business and choose the type that best represents your business.

We have four options you can choose from which can help your potential clients find you faster.

  1. Individual – This is best suited for Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Artisans, Carpenters etc. To put it simply, this if for those who are working on an individual capacity or looking for leads as individuals.
  2. Firm – This is best suited for consulting firms i.e architectural firms, structural firms, project management firms, legal firms etc
  3. Suppliers – This is best suited for businesses that sell construction materials/products i.e. hardware stores
  4. Contractors – This is best suited for contractors

Once you select the type of business you will be directed to a page to choose your package. We offer to packages, free and premium.

On the free package, you can list all details about your business including address, phone number, social media pages, website, business logo, cover page photo, business hours and also select the specific niche your business deals with.

The premium package has all the options on the free package but with some additional features like uploading photo albums of your work and/or products, including messenger link on your profile, adding products and offers on Clickjenga and much more. Should you choose the premium option, you can easily pay for it via credit card or MPESA right here.

Once you have listed all the information, you can hit the preview button to have a glimpse of how your entry would appear to visitors. If all is well, click submit.

For the Free Option, your entry would be pending approval which would take no more than 24 hours. For the Premium Option, you will be directed to a page to enter your payment details and publish your entry. It should be live immediately.


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