Everything You Need To Know About Constructing With Shipping Containers

Have you considered construction? Have you heard about or considered using shipping containers? Well, here is stuff you need to know.

Where can you get?

Several shipping companies in Kenya are selling new and used shipping containers. Depending on the kind of structure of you are going for, we recommend visiting the yard with an Engineer especially if you will need a multi storey design.


You have two options, you could buy the shipping container and separately engage a contractor or you could sign up with a company that sells and fabricates containers.

The Cost of a used 40ft Container is between KES 300,000-KES375,000 depending with condition and supplier.


A shipping container can be a home as is. It is for this reason that the cost of construction with a shipping container is not very high.

Depending on your design, you can avoid a foundation and instead use stab columns and level out the ground area. Your finished floor will be done on the foundation floor.

This way, right from the foundation you begin making savings on your project. Ensure that your Architect and/or Engineer has approved this.

A lot of the work done on Containers is welding. Basically, doors and windows are cut out and a specified door/window installed.

With a team of four, you could be done with two containers in a day or two.

Depending with your choice for Interior Design, the Internal walls can be painted as is (with the profiles) or you could add drywall to give a smooth straight surface.

Here, depending with the contractor (each has their own way of doing it), they will install drywall boards on the face of the container to ‘hide’ your electrical conduits and of course the container sheet profile.

The materials used will depend on your budget and the contractor. You could go for Gypsum, Magnessium, Laminate Boards, etc. Tiles, stone cladding, textured paint or wallpaper can easily be used to improve the look and finish.

Roof and Ceiling

Traditional roofs in a Container Home is not mandatory considering you could save a little by working with the container roof in your initial design.

However depending on your design, the cost of the roof still beats that of conventional construction since your roof in this instance is more of aesthetic than structure. This means, you could use very few trusses for the roof structure. (Your Engineer should advise you on this.)

Heat and Sound Comfort?

A complete solution with a container home comes with sound and thermal insulation in the walls. Without this, for extremely hot and cold areas, the house will prove not too comfortable.

Do you have any questions regarding constructing in Shipping Containers? Write them to¬†[email protected]


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